Most Outrageous Jeans Fashion Trends of 2017 and 2018


There is nothing that could be shocking and unacceptable when it comes to fashion. Inventions that are termed as being outrageous today could be widely acceptable later and vice versa.  This post below briefly touches a group of selected outrageous denim fashion trends in 2017 and those to be expected in 2018.

The ‘Rear-Baring Jeans’

The designer label Vetements in collaboration with Levi’s through their official Twitter page announced the invention of a pair of jeans that can expose the rear cleavage with the bums showing a nice pair of innerwear and a zippers detailing that runs all the way from the front down to the back of the legs.  Trust me, this pair of butt-bearing jeans runs at an expensive rate of $1,870 (£1,490).

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The Expensive ‘Muddy  Jeans’

Outrageous jeans fashion: 'Muddy jeans' from Nordstrom
‘Muddy jeans’ from Nordstrom []
The Nordstrom came up with a ‘caked-on coating’ of artificial mud on their ‘heavily distressed’ ‘Muddy Jeans’  with a clear vision of providing Americans with work-wears that kills their fear of getting dirty. This jean is being sold at the rate of $425 a pair which has raised numerous dissatisfying comments online.

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The ‘Thong Jeans’

Outrageous jeans fashion: 'Thong Jeans' from Japanese brand Thibaut
‘Thong Jeans’ from Japanese brand Thibaut

The ‘Thong Jeans’ launched by Thibaut, a Japanese brand for spring/summer 2018 has become an eccentric fashion trend to some people. One could wonder whether the jeans skeleton is actually necessary as it barely leaves anything for imagination!

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