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The evolution of Aielowu Jeannie

The Inspiration The idea all came into a reality during a transatlantic flight when a fellow female traveler complained the inventor about the filthy bathroom floor and wished she could pee like men.  The floor was so messy that pulling down the pants means getting them dirty too. The toilet-seat,[…]

Do you know about these features in jeans?

Rivets Rivets came into existence when denim designers discovered that jeans seams were not strong enough to support the weight of the tools kept in the pockets by workers and miners who they were originally designed for as it always come out loose. The rivets were invented with a keen[…]

Can We Discuss About This Weird Feature in Women’s Jeans?

  Jeans look pretty much awesome on women. Especially when you put it on together with any kind of top be it casual, semi-casual or party attire. And, wearing jeans wouldn’t make women look less feminine either. It makes them look glamorous, hot and sexy! Putting on Jeans with a[…]

Most Outrageous Jeans Fashion Trends of 2017 and 2018

  There is nothing that could be shocking and unacceptable when it comes to fashion. Inventions that are termed as being outrageous today could be widely acceptable later and vice versa.  This post below briefly touches a group of selected outrageous denim fashion trends in 2017 and those to be[…]