Can We Discuss About This Weird Feature in Women’s Jeans?


Jeans look pretty much awesome on women. Especially when you put it on together with any kind of top be it casual, semi-casual or party attire. And, wearing jeans wouldn’t make women look less feminine either. It makes them look glamorous, hot and sexy!

Putting on Jeans with a designer top looks so especially attractive on women

Thoughtful young woman - Women's Jeans with designer top
Thoughtful young woman in jeans with designer top [javi_indy / Freepik]

Women’s Jeans with tube top looks indescribably sexy

Women's Jeans with white tube top
A woman wearing a white tube top and jeans at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia. By AbZahri AbAzizis from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [via Wikimedia Commons]

Women’s Jeans looks gorgeous with a tank top

Combination of tank top and women's Jeans
Sicilian teenage girl with a Fiat 500. By jeanne [via Wikimedia Commons]

Women’s Jeans looks energetic and radiant with a casual shirt

Women's Jeans with casual shirt, feeling energetic
Woman wearing casual shirt and jeans with book between bookshelves [Designed by Freepik]

Women’s Jeans looks extremely hot with a t-shirt

White women's Jeans with dark gray t-shirt
Woman with dark gray t-shirt and white jeans. []

But wait, is that a fly?

Women's Jeans Fly
Women’s Jeans Fly

A fly in trousers aids men to urinate, without pulling it down, when situations call for it! Yes, it helps in wearing a trouser (putting it on and off the body); that is just secondary. There are other ways to do that for example, the zippers can be on the sides for ladies! So what are the ladies doing with a fly? Just following men’s trend?  There are better alternatives to this.

Why women follow masculine fashion in jeans, when they have a better alternative? 

 Aielowu Jeannie is the best alternative available.


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