Press Release

About Aielowu Jeannie:

Live-Lived Incorporated (a C-corporation incorporated in Delaware, USA) is planning a huge disruption in the history of women’s jeans, through innovation.

They have developed a unique line of jeans named “Aielowu Jeannie” meaning “I love you Jeannie”, an acronym ‘AJ’ with the aim of making women feel comfortable on denim, use the restroom with ease as well as attend to their hygienic needs like changing a tampon or a menstrual cup in limited privacy.

This patented jean (US9089173 and pending elsewhere) features a front opening flap using a pair of zippers that go all the way to the rear preventing stress required for pulling down the jeans to make use of the restroom. They are currently teaming up with numerous fashion influencers, bloggers and enthusiasts for the launch of “Aielowu Jeannie” to make the difference they are aspiring for.

Their initial backers (statistically less than 1% of the entire population using women’s jeans) will set the trend for others to follow and also for the future generation. They are looking for trendsetters, not trend followers – and hope that these trends will become powerful enough to be the set standard for all women products across the globe. For more information:

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Parag Vasekar, PhD
COO, Live-Lived Incorporated,
365 E Avenida De Los Arboles, #B50
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360