Aielowu Jeannie: The future of women’s jeans

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The #1 choice for woman hikers, campers and astronauts (casual wear)!


Aielowu Jeannie - Patented Radical Design
Aielowu Jeannie – Patented Radical Design

   Meaning “I Love You Jeannie”

   Astronaut inspired design

  Easy to use the restroom

  Easy to answer personal hygiene

  Built-in underwear *

  Designed for female anatomy

  Great for camping and hiking

   Easy to do gynecological examination

  For everyday use and fashion

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Being patented, these jeans shall not be fabricated or sold by anyone else and can’t be bought from anywhere else!

* We recommend the use of a pantyliner, for hygienic reasons. Additionally, during periods (menstruation or menstrual cycle) the user is advised to wear either a tampon or a menstrual cup, in addition to a pantyliner.